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Step no. 1 Preparation of the support

You have just received your new kit deco.
In order to optimize its mechanical performance, you must adhere to certain processes of installation. This kit deco does not arise in the classical way, forget your usual method... without which the holding of the kit may not be optimal.

Plan on an hour and a half for the installation of a full kit on a Motorcycle/Quad, 2-3 hours on a SSV or JETSKI, take your time to do careful work. Perform the pose "plastics in place on the bike, the quad bike or SSV" and not disassembled.

The temperature of the room or you make the application, must be located between 21 and 28 °c in such a manner that the sticker react well during installation.


(1) Prepare the media (ouies, mud guard, etc ). For this, you need to take off the old kit, you can use a hair dryer or better a heat gun heat to heat the glue, which will make it easier to remove (pay attention to high temperatures if you use a thermal stripper).

Do not place the stickers on the plastic is very damaged, otherwise it will not be possible to paste in an optimal way. Laying on plastic new it is strongly recommended.

ATTENTION : It is imperative to perform several downsizing, even if you have the impression that the surface is dry prior to the installation of your kit decoration. Five or six cleanings at break cleaner, produces glass with a base of alcohol are needed.

(2) Clean all traces of glue that may remain on the plastic, preferably using a degreasing, non-oily (type, break cleaner...). ATTENTION : petrol, white spirit or products of the type "WD" can be effective on some types of glue, but they are fat. In this case, it is necessary to insist on the degreaser as an improper cleaning can alter the pose. In all cases, it is imperative to degrease, and then apply the product to glass and dry with a clean cloth and sec. The product glass is still the best degreaser final.

IDGRAFIX will not be held responsible in the event your kit decoration off of your plastics. The stickers that we use have an adhesive ultra-strong, but they must be placed on surfaces that are clean and non-greasy... The application temperature is very important, the piece or you are going to do the installation of the sticker should be between 20-27°C.

In the CASE OF the JETSKI, on the stickers of low hull it is necessary to remove the original stickers and thoroughly clean the installation surface

Step no. 2 Positioning and gluing

Thehas installation of our kits decoration, sticker is dry, it is not necessary to use product exposure (product of glass, soap and water) because this will affect the glue of the sticker, therefore, the required time will be less.

(3) Remove the tape paper from the sticker and Position it on its location , taking care not to press it, it just has to hold a very light grip, it is then still possible to reposition.

(4) once the sticker is in place, you can stick to permanently.

To do this, you must do the following :
always start a final seal by the center of the room, take off the part that you plan to ask and hold it with one hand (to ensure it does not stick in an inappropriate way). On the other hand, you can then reattach it by gently pressing from the centre outwards to expel the air, using a clean, dry cloth or, preferably, a SQUEEGEE Raises 3M, evolving in a progressive manner and not rushed.
Some people prefer to perform the mounting with the thumb nu (this allows you to better "feel" the poses and the potential bubbles-in-training).
Attention: this requires having clean hands and not greasy.

In the case where the surface is curved or has corners, it is necessary to heat a little kit decoration with a thermal stripper so that it is more flexible. In the case or the sticker has traces of the folds, it is necessary to peel off the liner paper, and heat the part damaged so that it resumes the original shape. The sticker can be mounted up to a temperature of 80-90°C.

In the CASE of kit deco MOTO ROAD and water skiing, the stickers that we use are of the type covering, so they have a high shape memory, which allows you in a heated stretch to conform to all shapes. It also helps by heating before application of the sticker to give him it forms the initial in the case where there are folds.

Step n°3 Finishes

(5) finally, apply a significant pressure on the whole kit, with a particular emphasis on sensitive areas that are the edges and all the areas of intense work (bends, folds, areas of friction, such as the inside of the knees, etc), always using a soft dry cloth from the inside to the outside.

Finally, in cold weather (below 18 °C), you can reheat the whole kit using a dry-hair ; take care of it then re-applying a pressure on the whole during the cooling, specifically on sensitive areas.
The action of heat, pressure and time (let it rest for 2 or 3 days) will allow the glue to take on the media.

In the case where you see an air bubble, do the following :
- Prick the bubble, frankly, in its centre using a pin.
- Keep the pin pressed.
- Heat up the bubble with the hairdryer and then remove the pin while continuing to heat (the hot air dilated will evacuate all alone and the bubble will disappear).

(6) IMPERATIVE : Let it rest in your kit deco for 3-4 days (not driving !) has a temperature more than 20°C so that the glue polymerizes well. After the pressure exerted during the laying, the glue needs time to cure and "marry" his new support. Beyond 4 days, the characteristics of the accession are the maximum. You can help the activation of the adhesive by heating the surface of the entire kit deco after installation with a thermal stripper. In winter season, the temperatures being below 20°C the curing time can be longer, there is a need to emphasize the heater kit deco after installation with the thermal stripper

Special Cases:

--> For the Kits Decoration JETSKI

For the JETSKI it is recommended to allow a drying time of 3-4 days before the release water (in the summer), you can double that time in the case or the temperature outside does not exceed 23-25°c.

--> For the Kits Decoration MOTORCYCLE ROAD

The Sticker that we use is of type sticker covering the car, it has a memory of shape... so the mount has 80-90°C on all the parties that you will have to stretch, and the edges to attach it permanently at the end of the installation. If you do not have this mounted in temperature at the end of the installation, the sticker will resume it's original shape, therefore, the appearances of the bubble, and take off the edges.

--> Maintenance of your kit deco

You can use a high pressure cleaner and the cleaning products without the risk of damaging the kit decoration.

Our Installers will answer your questions, so do not hesitate to contact us via the email form.


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